Hair care tips

  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle your extensions before wetting them.
  • Always wash your extensions before installing. Shampoo in warm water and condition in cold water to lock in moisture and reduce frizziness.
  • Wash your extensions in a downward motion .Do not massage or rub your extensions.Gently glide your fingers through while washing.
  • THE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER THAT YOU USE IN YOUR HAIR IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT There are different types of raw and virgin hair and all raw and virgin hair will require different shampoos and conditioners to be used. We encourage customers to only use the brands listed in your Hair care tips. These brands are hand-picked and work amazing on our extensions.If you happen to lose your hair care tips please contact us with your name & order number and we will email you another copy. ( Hair care tips will be sent to customers only)

  • After washing and conditioning your hair let it air dry. Immediately blow drying your hair can deplete your hair of moisture.
  • For best results, let your hair air dry and use heat protectant.
  • If your tracks are cut by your stylist, you will more than likely experience some shedding. It is recommended to purchase weft sealer and apply it to your wefts before installation